Places to visit

Rhodes has a lot to offer for you. Beautiful beaches and ancient architecture. There is something for everyone here.

Tsambika beach

This is the most beautiful beach on the east coast. Small taverns are located along the beach walk. You can rent sun chairs and they even got showers installed at the beach.

Buses leaves from Rhodes town at 9.00 and return at around 16:00. This is just of many beautiful beaches along Rhodes east coast.

Old town

The medieval city of Rhodes is located right next to the new city of Rhodes. Inside its walls someone can admire the great buildings that were build back in 1400.

A visit of the old town is a must where someone can see museums and the palace of the great magister. Also if you just want to do your shopping, the old town is the perfect place. In every corner there is something to eat, drink or buy.

If you ever think that you have been lost in the narrow alleys, there is always a path that will take you out to the main streets which are Socrates Street, Orfeos and platia Ipokratous.

Rhodes town – Mandrakí harbour and Néa Agorá

The old harbour is now full of cruiseships and daily boats. Exactly like Venice there are two columns at the entrance of the harbour with 2 deers on top.

In the New City of Rhodes there are lot of shops if someone wants to do their shopping. Or if you wanna visit a nice beach why don’t u go to Elli beach which is just located in the city. A sandy beach that has a lot to offer such as beach volley ball, food, music.

The new market (Nea Agora) was built by the Italians in an oriental style and is located in the center of Rhodes. Inside the market there are taverns that offer a lot of good greek food. On the outside of the market there are nice cafeterias as well as the daily boats that will take you to one of the neighbouring islands.


60 km away from Rhodes city on the east coast of the islands lies the magnificent village of Lindos.

The village is just under the mountain where the famous acropolis of lindos lays, a castle from ancient times. The village is made of beautiful little white houses built in traditional village style.

In the small alleys of Lindos there are lots of snack bars and taverns. Lindos is one of the biggest highlights of Rhodes and is definitely a must place to visit. Cars aren’t allowed but you can climb up the acropolis on a donkey’s back.

Lindos beach is a wonderful sandy beach that has a great view towards the acropolis and the village.